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Shiloh, Florida

There have been multiple Shilohs in Florida, one of which got incorporated into the the land that is now Kennedy Space Center.

But this other Shiloh came up because the Micanopy Historical Society Museum has a section related to it. Surprisingly there is a Shiloh Facebook page that says:

"Shiloh is a 'suburb' of Flemington, which is a 'suburb' of Micanopy.. It's unincorporated and probably has a population of a dozen or so. It has 2 churches, 1 cemetery and no bars. Nothing else. The nearest restaurant is Cafe Risque, the burger/strip joint at the exit."

The Club may have to check out the Mockernut Hill Botanical Garden which says that it "is a biological field station oriented around training Florida land owners and managers to use ecological understanding to recognize, protect, restore, and nurture biodiverse native groundcover.”

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